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Newbie! :)


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Hi all, my name is Annie and I live in Melbourne. I currently have a tank full of goldfish :P I have had them for about 7 years (a few of the fish are newer, about 2 years) and they are what got me into fish!

I have another tank which at the moment contains 2 female betta, a halfmoon and the other I'm unsure, the breeder I got it off told me it was a dragon (?) they live with my 2 guppies which I bred myself, there parents died a while ago from water related problems but the 2 babies survived and get along fine with the betta.

I have 2 smaller tanks that contain 1 male betta in each.

I also have a tank which is all set up and I am planning to breed in it, everything is completely ready and the only thing stopping me is I can not find microworms anywhere! And the lady I got my girls from microworm culture had just died :( So if anyone could help me out with that it would be great! Once that is ready I will try (for the first time) to breed my betta. I have done endless research on how to breed and how to look after the fry (if I am that lucky) and I am very excited to get started!! :)

I also own lots of birds, cat&dog. Sorry for the long intro, I hope to learn lots here! Thanks!

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Hi Annie

I'm a newbie too. Nice to meet you. I know exactly how you feel, I'm a beginner breeder too (but I still havnen't found my breeding fish yet) so mostly I'm doing research and finding some nice fishies. I've got my heart set on Half Moons so youve made a good choice there. :)

You wont regret joining this Forum. There are tons of experts ready to help and they're all really friendly.

Let me know how things go.

ps, you should post pics of your Bettas.

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