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    I am a begginer in breeding bettas and i am looking for betta breeding advice and marketing to sell my fish.
    if there are any betta breeders in perth i would like to get in touch as i am interested in purchasing a half moon breeding pair or any other type or colour which is not common in pet stores.

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  1. Hi Annie I'm a newbie too. Nice to meet you. I know exactly how you feel, I'm a beginner breeder too (but I still havnen't found my breeding fish yet) so mostly I'm doing research and finding some nice fishies. I've got my heart set on Half Moons so youve made a good choice there. You wont regret joining this Forum. There are tons of experts ready to help and they're all really friendly. Let me know how things go. ps, you should post pics of your Bettas.
  2. I'm currently in the process of making my own blog for my fish but i need help with a name. tell me what you think of these

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    2. Betta Breeders Perth

      Betta Breeders Perth

      (its not showing up on my post so ill add them in here)

      Betta Breeders Perth

      Fighting Fish Fremantle

      Fremantle Fighting Fish

      Fremantle Betta Fish

    3. shadoh


      I like Fremantle Fighting Fish

    4. KatuwaToy


      then it could be called FFF for short

  3. I'm currently in the process of making my own blog for my fish but i need help with a name. tell me what you think of these

  4. Thanks Les I'm not offended, your suggestions are much appreciated. the second name I was thinking of was Fremantle Fighters but disregarded it because I thought it sounded too much like a bad football team. I'll keep brainstorming.
  5. Hi Les and Geoff Thanks for your offers. Since I'm quite new to this, I'm not entirly sure what I want,if you have any pictures on the site or somewhere this might help me. What age are these fish be around Feb because I would like to breed them (Also their parentage would be good if that possible so I can put that on my blog but not necessary right now) Geoff, the link to my blog is here http://bettabreedersperth.blogspot.com.au/ It's only a few days old so any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. (ps, what would happen if i bred a HM with a dragon??)
  6. Hi everyone. i'm from Perth and i'm starting to breed betta fish because i've had a great interest in them over the years. I've started my own blogsite (Betta Breeders Perth) and have joined here hoping to gain advice and support. i'm also interested in buying a breeding pair of half moons (not too sure what colour yet but perhaps marble of butterfly) there aren't many breeders in Perth so it can be a bit difficult, so if your out there, let me know.
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