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Feature fish ideas


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Hi all

Re posting

I posted this in the wrong section

put it in the Introductions

After ideas on a fish to stand out as a feature, a solid bright red or gold

most of my fish so far are blue or silver and I feel I need something with a bit of contrast to stand out

I'm a bit of a novice, havn't kept fish for 20 or 30 years but I remember the basics

I have a 6x2x2 with a large external canister, not sure of the make/model but it is moving a lot of water

Keeping the water on the soft side, PH 6 and 25deg

So far I have stocked with

4 x Cory

4 x Bristle nose

15 x Cardinals

1 x Ram

1 X Blue gourami

I wanted 3 or 4 Angels with mixed colours, and a friend gave me 10 x 2" silver with black stripes

I didn't have the heart to say no. I may have to off load some as they are all from the same batch

all the fish are Juvies except the gourami and ram

Amazon swords, small Anubias, a bit of Jave fern

Plan to put 2 or 3 more Anubias on the centerpiece log when I find some nice plants

Looking for a nice feature fish (I'm open for suggestion)something that will stand out like a gold sevrum (Not sure what a Sevrum will do to my plants)

Almost bought a gold Discus but was told they need to be on there own


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MacCulloch's Rainbowfish do well in softer water, and are quite an attractive fish when coloured up. I kept some for a while in a 2ft tank and they were always fun to watch. Particularly when the males would spar or show off to the females.

They are not a very big fish, but a large enough school of them would provide plenty of activity and colour to your tank.

If you do choose rainbows you have to find species that would be comfortable in a pH under 7. Many prefer hard, alkaline water to really thrive. However, there are a couple that are a lot more adaptable.

Personally I would also bump up the number of corydoras to at least 8, as they are a shoaling fish by nature and I am sure would appreciate some more fish of their own species.

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Hi All

Thanks for the reply

I am still undecided on a feature

Looking for some rainbows (thanks Wild nut)

anybody know where some might be available in Melbourne northern suburbs?

I put in some redline (torpedo barb)

look great as a school in the shop but at $35 each for juvie's

I could only afford 2 might grab a few more when cashed up


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Actually one of the best fish you can have as a "feature" is a betta but it is hit and miss as to how they will fair in a community tank. Your red lines were cheap, mine cost me $80ea. Im trying to upload a new video of my tank at the moment to post on here that has boesemani rainbows in it. If you are looking for colour they are half yellow and half dark blue almost purple. You also have clown loaches that are orange and black, a heap of tetra's, I want some rummy nose for my tank soon im just scared that my angle fish may be big enough to eat them now.

Here is my stock atm...

12 white tip tetra's

6 red line torpedo barbs

6 boesemani rainbows

4 pakistani (yoyo) loaches

1 angel fish.

1 panda cory (the survivor, first guy I put in the tank. He will be getting 4-5 friends soon)

The white tips were a mistake, I should not have got them. They are bland to look at and are not very active, they mostly hover in the one spot all day, the only time they move is when I feed them. I wouldnt mind getting rid of them and getting a school of 20 rummy noses instead.

good luck with what ever you decide anyway.

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