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Y so angry ?


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I have a small community tank with 9 guppies 1 male betta 1 baby bristle nose and 1 sometimes 2 female bettas which is where I have a problem.

I have a young female betta and a nice red female but she destroys reverting in her path. The two female came from the same tank in lfs I noticed that the young female(not sure what her technical name is she has a white body and red fins) was being picked on in the lfs tank which I have found before with her type so expected the red female to pick on her. I conditioned the red female and put her with a beautiful red vt male. After spawning I returner her to the community tank wher over two days she has not only nipped a couple of the guppies tails and put a couple of bites in the young female but she has absolutely destroyed my shy male crown tail to the point where u would think he was a female.

Any suggestions on how to take this wild lady so she will live peacefully in a community tank.

I have already considered re honing her but I really like her just can't have her the way she is.

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Doesn't seem to worry.

Good idea chi.

The only thing is my shy male crown tail is harder to find than the bristle nose(he seems to like his privacy) but she obviously hunts for him.

I think she is just bad to the bone.

Like the idea of putting in the tank but separated until she settles down.

Only other solution I thought of was introduce more females but tank is to small for that.

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Haha n I don't really want to break her spirit even if I could.

I actually bought a 2 litre juice pourer today with the thought its a tempoary solution to keep everyone safe for now n easy to do a daily 50% water change for now but I think I will drill some holes in the morning(for the neighbours sake) and put her in the filtered tank n c if she will settle ( really doubt it but gotta try)

Think I have found part of the problem. I of the female guppies has given birth n I'm not quite ready for fry I have a bit of java moss n a few river rocks which the fry r hiding in but the bettas were hunting for them. Would this cause the extra aggression? I went and got a small 15l tank n put the bettas n adult guppy in ther so hopefully the fry will b fine without the adults in there. Still got the red female in solitary so everything is peaceful for now.

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