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Hi all,

I have a 270L Aquaone AR980 tank which i plan to make into a planted community display tank.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what other cichlids I could keep with Apistogramma cacatuoides?

Are Socolofi's and Severum's okay? or is it a huge no no to keep american and african cichlids together?

Thank you in advance!!


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Severums would get too big for apistogramma cacatuoides. Africans and Americans aren't kept together because of the difference in water parameters. Africans like harder, more alkaline water and Americans (apistogramma) softer, more acidic water. So that rules the socolofi's out too. It's best to keep apistogramma with smaller fish because they are dwarf and most other cichlids would get too big for them and might eat them.

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Thanks Afr3178,

What I am mainly looking for is a nice selection of color,

Should i stick to the dwarf cichlids?

obviously if the severums and socolofi grow bigger i cant have as many fish in the tank so they can form territories?

Ive been trying to google/ research different fish but i am a complete beginner when it comes to cichlids and i dont know if whether some cichlids can go together or not.

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As afr3178 said, it's not a good idea to keep African rift lake cichlids with South American dwarf cichlids because they require very different water.

My first suggestion is to find out what your water values are, and select fish that suit your water, so PH, GH and KH. If you don't have test kits, you can take some water to your LFS to test. But any half decent LFS will know what your town water values are any way.

Do you have access to rain water? If you do, you can mix town water and rain water to produce suitable soft water for SA dwarf cichlids.

If you want to do a planted tank, Severums are a big no no as they are vegetarians.

Seriously Fish has a very good profile data base, so you can research fish you would like to keep on here.

As for suitable tank mates for dwarf SA cichlids? You can mix certain combinations of dwarf SA cichlids, along with tetras and different SA catfish.

Once you know what your water is like, we can go from there.

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