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I'm a rubbish forum member


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....actually not really, but a little bit, sort of.

More hours in the day and I might bet a better person - however I wanted to say that I think about you all of the time, you. Forum, you.

I used to do multiple updates a day, I used to take fifty photos of the same pinhead fry and squeel about it all day long.... you might just be relieved that I'm not doing that anymore.

That's okay...

But I miss you.

I'm sorry forum... we had a good thing going for a while there, but things changed.

It's not you, it's me.

I have a new job you see, I work here:


And as for the fighters, well I do a lot of water changes, and they all get live food twice daily, but... none of them are in my tanks.

Infact, forum, while I'm explaining our break-up.... I should probably tell you....

I don't have multiple tanks.

Just one.

Don't think less of me, I'm moving in a new direction - just for a little while so I can clear my head.

These are the things I gaze into the tank and see now....


Henry is a Peacock Gudgeon.


Malvern is one of 5 Blue Juvinile Angelfish

There is often black mongrel photobombing by the Bouncer.... (still)


So I hope you understand, why we can't be together, like we used to.

One day, I hope.

We can try again.

x Ness

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