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Emerald Dragon HM & Mosaic Dragon HM


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Nice photographic work, colours are great.

I usually don't comment on some of the odd things/lies/slander/fabrications etc I see written about me, but this is so bizarre I have to say something.

Personally, I very much doubt the bettas have been imported from Germany. It seems an odd thing to do when the world's biggest producer of bettas (Thailand) is a lot closer, and a lot cheaper.

However, it may be that the importer in question gets some of the HM stock from the German supplier when they order in other fish. The German supplier brings in the Bettas from Thailand, so your boys have racked up more frequent flier miles than most people!

We don't buy bettas from Germany. We purchase directly from the breeders in Thailand. Much bigger range, much better quality stock. And, we know the genetics.

On very rare occasions we will try bettas from wholesalers. Usually we sell the HM males are Superdeltas, as they are not of the standard of the HM we bring in from Thailand. Some do make HM and are labelled as such.

It would be interesting to see your males in full flare.

I cannot work out why your LFS would spin you such a story.

We bring in 99% of our own betta stock. Not sure how your LFS could get "first dibs" when we don't buy bettas from Germany.

I think they are just talking themselves up by dropping our name!!

Good luck with your boys, I'm sure they will have a happy home.

Cheers, someone

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