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Hello from Sydney


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Hi everyone,

I'm Jason from Holsworthy, Sydney and I haven't kept any fish for about 20 years. When I was in my teens I kept a couple of community tropical tanks and a few bettas in my room. I recently dug out a little 15L tank that I used to keep mosquito larvae in and thought "hmmm, Betta tank!"

I've just set it up with a little heater and a small filter and am looking forward to getting a fish in a few weeks time. I think my 2 year old is looking forwards to it as much as me!.

Oh, and if anyone reads this who knows a good Betta dealer near me then please give me a shout.



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Hi Jason!

Welcome to the forum, sounds like your (future) betta has a nice set up!

I don't know how close he is to you, but Jim (jha on the forum) has heaps of betta and he is in Sydney, I recommend getting in touch with him as he has lots for sale!

Before or after you get your betta, throw a couple of photos up! We'd all love to see it :D

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Thanks Guys! I'll be certain to give Jim a call in a couple of weeks as he's not far from me at all.

I'm getting excited looking through the threads at the different fin and colour combinations. I'm not really after a show quality fish, just something healthy and with good colour and a big personality!

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