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Tank Dividers?


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I need help! I have a few tanks that need to be divided just one question where can I find dividers.. (And when I say dividers I don't mean those ones that attach to the wall and it gives the fish little room to move)

Just a few Questions?

1- where can I buy some?

2- can I make them if so how and what out of?

3- should there be holes, so water can flow through?

Can you help me ??

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I use cross-stitch mesh available from art and craft stores, and plastic poster hangers from Kmart. I simply cut my craft mesh to size and then put poster hangers on all four edges and insert them into the tank. They should hold pretty rigid like that, but you can silicone them in for added security.

If you have substrate, you can bury the bottom to make it more stable as well.

However, if you want a more permanent solution glass would probably be better although it can restrict flow more than the mesh.

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