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  1. Welcome To the Fourum Are you Going To Spawn Brad And Janet? If so Im Up For a pair of Babies :bighug:
  2. There Are Heaps Of Fry! Over 80+ And they have grown so much! There are a Couple of tiny fry in there, they are now 4 weeks and 5 days old. There To Cute. :bighug:
  3. PaigeH

    Fish Shed

    Looks Good Its a Great Setup Andrew :cheer:
  4. PaigeH


    Nice Fish I Had The Boy From someone-Lee On Hold, But He Is Amazing :)
  5. Well Im Just a Bit Keen, Arent You Keen On Spawning Your HMPK Boy In a Couple Of Months ? :)
  6. Thank you. I'm Hoping To Get Them by Friday and put them in a Spawn Tank. :bighug:
  7. The Pair Of someone-Lee's Fish Im Getting. I Love the dumbo look
  8. How Are The Fry Going? And How Many Do You Think You Have?
  9. Thank you, Zui I Will Help You next Time I Come Over. The First 2 Bettas Are The Parents From My First Spaen Which are 3 Weeks Old Now The Steel Blue Girl Is From A Pair Of someone-Lee's I got From The Raffel On The Weekend :bighug:
  10. Hello All You Lovely People, Here Are Just A Couple Of My Bettas Hope You Like (There Not The Best Photos) Need a Bump! So I Can Post More Photos :bighug:
  11. Wow Great! Like Sarah Said Would Be Fantastic To Get More Strains going In Aus Cant wait Im going to my first Betta Meet and I get to meet you Lovely people :)
  12. The fry are all eating egg and bbs, when should I start feeding them micro worms? So proud of them :)
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