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My BBS hatchery.


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Saw this being discussed again on another forum so decided to put this together.

Just what works for me. :-)

Use 1.25ltr coke bottles. Best size for water flow.

Approx 1 ltr water, add one tablespoon salt (I use sea salt flakes) and 1/2 teaspoon eggs.

Best hint is spend the money on good eggs and store the eggs in the freezer once opened.


Use light to attract them to the bottom. Hatched eggs float, unhatched sink. I wait for them to collect in the neck of the bottle.


Syringe them out of the neck. Don't go too low as you don't want unhatched eggs.


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I keep my eggs in the freezer as well but I put a qty off eggs in a plastic pill bottle with the child proof lids and only take that out when making up batches not the whole tin that way the lid stays on the tin and it is only opened to fill the small bottle. I paid $90. for my tin and it was $30 delivery an easy six months ago. I think that is well worth the benefits



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