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Brown Algae


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I would appreciate any advice on getting rid of the film of brown algae that eventually covers all the glass inside my betta tanks. It is mainly brown, but with a tinge of olive on some occasions. Is light the problem - too much or too little? I have about 26 compartments and getting the algae off the glass is proving a real chore and ruining my enjoyment of the hobby.

I am also yet to find a really good cleaning tool for betta compartments in barracks. Its difficult to get into the tight corners and edges, and the bottom glass is also hard to clean in such small compartments. I've improvised with toothbrushes, pipe cleaner (from the olden day smokers) and various brushes from hardware stores. I'm keen to hear how others approach this problem

Many Thanks


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Although chemicals shouldn't be the answer... I will recommend them here... BUT... You'll need to get a few things right in your barracks.

First, you need to ensure you are keeping up with water changes. Algae flourish when you allow the fish's waste to build up... Essentially, the fish are making fertiliser, and the algae loves it. Water changes will remove nitrogenous waste.

Second you need to ensure you minimise amount of light your barracks get. The algae will once again flourish (even with minimal nutrients) if there's lots of light. If you have no plants in your barracks, this bit is easy... Switch off the fluoros for a few days/weeks. If you have plants, you'll need to only give just enough light to keep the plants alive. This will depend on the depth of the water and the light source you are using.

Clean the tanks, change the water and dose with algaecide. Try get the balance right and you can continue to use the algaecide to suppress further growth of algae. The aim will eventually be to be able to stop using the algaecide when you get the other bits balanced out. You won't be able to have completely algae free tanks, but if you get the balance right, the algae won't be a problem.

Hope that helps

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