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Hey, New to the forum


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Hey guys,

New to the forum and thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Lee and I live in brisbane Queesnland.

I currently have a 175ltr Semi planted Aquarium and a number of fish.

I currently stock,

3 x Angels

7 x Platys

5 x Zebra Danios

8 x Neon Tetra's

2 x Bristle Nose

1 X Rainbow Shark

I am wanting to progress to something more challenging in the future but I will wait for now and just master what I have.

I also have Anubius. Amazon sword, Micro sword and another unknown plant in my tank.

All are doing well bar the micro sword. I have planted Fert tabs to help and now just playing the waiting game.

here are some pictures of my tank,

this was a few months back and I have added a black backing since then.


This picture is the mot recent one and includes the black backing, aas you can see the micro sword has faded while all other plants are doing really well.




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