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  1. Mongbean

    Meet Rocko

    Nothing like watching your fish and having a small freak out over the lack of movement lol.
  2. Mongbean

    Co2 setup

    Hey guys, Just about ready to add my DIY Co2 setup to my tank after i do i full scrub down and want to know is there any further tips that maybe helpful?
  3. Mongbean

    Water not clear in community tank

    Hey, There could be many reasons why the water is cloudy For starters water changes, you are doing far too much too often, doing 90% water change means your tank has to cycle all over again. As the tank is new it could be the substrate, how high is your PH? If you find that it is high then it very well could be the substrate...that’s as easy as washing it out. The second reason could be Bacterial bloom, this would come about due to the large water changes for your size tank. In a larger tank you could do 30 percent water change and have a small spike in water balance but because you are doing it in a large body of water then it has minimal effect. But in a smaller tank then the effect is much more severe. And every time you do large water changes you get a bacterial bloom and it takes a while for the tank to establish the needed bacteria to clear the bloom. Since this is easy to test and all you have to do is do smaller water changes and wait. Lastly and one that has been mentioned already is fish stock, having a 30ltr tank restricts how much stock you can put in your tank. Easiest way to find out is by using the aqua adviser and put in your tank dimensions and filter as well as your fish and it will tell you what your maximum capacity is. (here is the link for you) http://www.aqadvisor.com/ I would test your tap water on its own and leave your tank for a week, do a 10ltr water change. and then after a week re test the water again. also keep in mind anything you add to the water to help would be super potent due to the size of the tank. What substrate are you using? and what type of food are using? the filter may not be the best but it's easy enough for that tank, bad filters don't filter well and when pushed too hard or are over loaded turn your tank to hell. But in your case the filter may not be great but it's more than enough for your tank. I have an Eheim pro external canister filter that is not a super jet but it cleans the water like nothing else and that’s where the quality is. If you have a choice in filter again I would suggest a canister filter as you only have 30ltr tank and anything in the tank is taking the room away from the fish. I also think canisters a quieter as well. you can pick one up for around $80-$120 bucks that would be more then suitable for your tank. Hope this helps. The price is about right, I have seen them cheaper, it's suited for a 45ltr tank. If you can always go higher. I have a 175ltr tank and my eheim is more suited for a 350ltr tank. if you can afford it then def go higher. you can never have to much filtration. here is another tha would be suitable for your tank. http://thereefshop.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=1152 I purchased my Ehiem through these guys and they were fast and reliable.
  4. Mongbean

    Blyxa japonica/ Dwarf Blyxia

    I was down on the light requirements so I added an extra 30 watt fluoro globe, and I am hoping the Co2 will give it a boost as I have allot of it.
  5. Mongbean

    DIY Co2

    I did not make it to the LFS yesterday but I did look over my Eheim Pro canister and I can plug it in there. I am looking forward to the impact that it has on the plants in my tank
  6. Mongbean

    DIY Co2

    hahah thats where I am going ) ) = :)
  7. Mongbean

    DIY Co2

    Just found a place in Annerley, So I will head over this arvo and see what they have. Looks good and well priced
  8. Mongbean

    DIY Co2

    Oh that is cheap, the ones I seen online were around the $80 range
  9. Hey guys, I have just received a few samples from the LFS of Dwarf Blyxia and wanted to know does anyone who has grown or kept this plant have any tips. Seems simple to cultivate, But there is always something you tend to miss with new plants. Cheers for the insight.
  10. Mongbean

    DIY Co2

    how much did you pay though?
  11. Mongbean

    DIY Co2

    I have been reading to just plug directly into the canister filter and the impela will defuse it for you. Or put an air stone on the end.
  12. Mongbean

    DIY Co2

    Yeah that was another worry I had, MY FISH! But if it works then I want to give it a go due to being such a good low cost solution.
  13. Mongbean

    DIY Co2

    Hey Guys, I have been looking into DIY Co2 but I really want some feedback over the pro's and con's of making one. Clearly it's a cheaper option to buying a full Co2 setup but with far less control. It's the less control part I am wary of. Also what size tank it can be used in. Any thought around this would be great.
  14. Yeah so did i, it was a painful task but i wanted the best results. It's just not picking up. I think i have the wrong type of micro sword and i should have the Brazilian micro sword. Both look the same but have different care requirements.
  15. Mongbean

    Update on Sorority

    I have been looking for a replacement for mt failing micro sword and I jut done a quick read up on this plant, I like the look of it and it looks stunning in your tank. Wow my typing is failing as bad as the micro sword in my tank lol.