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Hello all


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hi guys,

name's daniel and have been in the hobby for 12 years. first fish i bred were fantail goldfish, comets and long fin fighters (fry all died haha). i am currently a member on other forums such as ace and rainbowfish as i have a passion for tanganyikan african cichlids. i am currently breeding leptosoma utinta, nigripinnis, fancy guppies, bristlenose (short, long, common, albino, calico) and soon hoping my firefin comps start doing some magic! in the past i have successfully bred a whole list of cichlids some americans so obviously my background is cichlids. but i really love plants and betta so hopefully this forum can teach me a few tricks!



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thanks guys, zui im not going to breed betta haha. with these fish, just this one time i think ill give them a miss! i have bred fighting plakats before but just dont have the time to separate all the fry and feed them! plus everytime i start to really like one, it ends up being the one that dies! i may be weird but i prefer keeping females over males just because i can put them in together with my guppies and no dramas. i even have a giant hm plakat female living with smaller girls haha. i will post a link to my youtube video of them!

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