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My new fish room


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Well my sister, who lives with me, is pregnant. And my niece has decided to move up from Canberra. Which means I have lost my fish room (the garage) as it has now been turned in to a bedroom for my niece. Today I finally got a chance to set up my now smaller collection of bettas on their new stand. The bonus is the stand is now inside, next to the back door. I now have my old stand out the back, and will be keeping my wild fry in tubs on it during summer.

A couple of early photos. I'm far from done, but have no idea what the end result will be. Not all my plants have fared well, having spent a week in tubs out the back yard. The anubias on driftwood in particular have suffered, wilting badly. Also my female Mahachai doesn't look to good, she's active, just very thin.

Male Mahachai tank.


Female Mahachai tank.


Male Splendens tank.


Female Splendens tank.


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Thanks footycards and Pyrefly.

I really like the Java moss and Subwassertang branches. I have them a little below the surface and the bettas really like to rest on them and poke around through them. The two larger branches in the male tanks are almost fully grown in, have been the first two I made. Unfortunately I have yet to take a decent photo of them so you can see what they really are like.

Top view of branch in the Mahachai tank. Subwassertang covers the rear half and Java moss covers the front branches.


Rear view so to speak. Photo is taken from behind the branch and shows it spreading out in to the tank.


Side on view, from the front of the tank.


Sort of an angle view, about 45 degrees from the side on view.


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