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Beth builds a better betta barracks


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In the interest of any sort of human interaction, and feedback, I thought I would make a post about my barracks.

This is the finished one (aside from a stand or light). Made using a 2ft tank, a bunch of clear & white acrylic, and a bunch of hospitality tubing. I did have my blue 3 ft light over it, algae went nuts, so I cleaned it and put in a bit of magic blue to deal with it (thus the light blue water).





The great thing about this, if I want to do a really thorough clean, the whole thing slides out. clean tank and acrylic, slide it back in.

Just for lols, the temporary lighting set up, or as my partner calls it "the booby trap of death".


I've gotten used to the size of the giants, so now all the other fish seem like hobbit fishes to me.

I am currently working on a new 3ft barracks, small sections for grow out/ small bettas, larger sections for giants.

permanent white pebble back ground. will be using black sparkly crushed quartz, over the top of ADA amazonia for substrate, as I plan to grow blyxa japonica and glosso (and a few java/ windelov on small bits of wood).

I've done the dividers differently for this one, instead of all being glued, most of it slots together. That way i can change the size of the compartments, and how many. If I had come up with this plan prior to cutting the first few pieces, I would have designed it so that the whole thing slots together, and just put a line of silicone for a good seal on the filter circulation route. Progress pic after a bump.

The tank was second hand and came with a plain pine stand, so I've made sides, another shelf, painted it black, and it has had it's first coat of black epoxy resin. Next I have to build doors... although I am considering making curtains or mini roller blind, as I hate making doors... why do they never quite turn out square.

For the lighting I am going to have fancy halogen lights suspended over the top. The downlights in my house all need rewiring, so the electrician next monday is also going to wire wall plugs into some halogen pendant lights for me to use for the tank.

p.s. Be kind, posting on forums terrifies me.

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Hehe, something I prepared earlier :P


So there is a cut from the top, to just over half way down. The dividers have a slit cut from the bottom to just over half way, and horizontal cuts for water flow. slid together they are very secure. the main divider has been sealed with silicone so that water can't take a shortcut to the sump area. If I break the tank I can easily remove the silicone from acrylic by peeling it off. Silicone doesn't stick well to acrylic, however, with this design it isnt being used to secure the divider, just as a seal (think of those bean bags you put in front of doors to block air).

Here is the stand all painted, but before I had done the first coat of epoxy. I also, with help from Ikea, have an elegant net, cleaning sponge stick and food holder, so that I don't need to get into the cupboard all the time.


All this making thing out of acrylic has given me a great idea for a completely hassle free jarring setup. Seedling transport tray from bunnings (big mesh tray), line it with synthetic tulle, next get a heavy duty storage tub, put mesh tray inside, with something to raise the height a bit. Heater and sponge filter in bottom of storage tub. Using the same slot together method, make an acrylic grid that fits inside the mesh tray. Ta-da!

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Very nicely done Beth! Wish I was as handy as you seem to be.

There is nothing to be afraid of, just speak from your heart and voice your opinions, I dislike yes men all agreeing with each other because they are worried they be hated or isolated.

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Great work Beth looks like you have been realy busy. You realy are the queen of resin and acrilic LOL and I mean that in the nicest posible way. Why dose Ross think its a death trap?? i think the industrial garage look is in right now LOL

Catch ya beth and Kepp being cool



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Thanks Chi, I know I shouldn't worry here. I read here a lot and people seem so nice.

Les - compliment taken :P and I've only drawn blood once this project hehe. I've also planned out a tiki/horror themed mini pond that I will use to try grow out some fry this summer. I've been following your fishroom thread too, i'm so glad you are on the mend.

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