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Hi Im new here


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Hello everyone,

I am a freshwater community hobbyist from Sydney. At the moment I am in my 4th day of a fishless cycle of a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft tank. I found this site by searching to see if cloudy ammonia was safe to use in tanks and the thread I read seemed to have differing opinions on it so it did not give me a definite answer So I have been using the ammonia for the last 3 days and I am praying it is ok to use.

I found it very difficult using fish food or decaying prawns to get a decent ammonia reading in a tank this size. I did not want to make the tank a garbage tip to bring the ammonia level up so that persuaded me to use the cloudy ammonia.That and the fact you will not find pure ammonia in Sydney so it felt like a last resort to me.

I started using the cloudy ammonia on day 2 and now on day 4 I have the ammonia level at 5ppm. I am keeping a daily diary of ammonia/nitrite/nitrate/ph. I joined this site to meet like minded people and get as much advice from anyone who has done a fishless cycle on the do's and dont's and what to expect etc...I have done alot of research on fishless cycling but I am always open to advice.

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