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aloha from sydney!


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Hey everyone

I've been lurking around the forums for months and today decided to take the plunge

So, I grew up keeping community tanks with my dad (who has kept and bred tropical fish since childhood), helping with maintenance and such. It grew from a 40l community tank, to a 4 foot community, and I kept pushing for more and more tanks and fish, until eventually we had a fish room and about 15 tanks. Nowadays, the fish are my responsibility and all he does is pay :giggle:

We bred a few easy fish like guppies, kribs, etc, and about 3 years ago, armed with a new found love for bettas and the infinite wisdom of the internet, I embarked on my first solo project : breeding bettas! My first successful spawn was between a lovely salamander butterfly halfmoon plakat (great quality, not that I had any idea at that stage. I only realised what a great specimen he was looking at photos after he died) and a chocolate round tail (who I think might have been a wild type hybrid. Since then, I've been breeding mostly females I bred with lucky find decent quality males from the lfs... I think around 8 successful spawns over the past 2 years. I've also.... absorbed the internet, so yeah, I have a reasonably grasp of betta types, colours and genetics these days.

Anyways, after a crazy year, where I was incredibly busy and also hit by a lot of bad luck including blackouts while on holidays in winter (bye bye bettas) and big tank disasters left right and centre.... I haven't really been serious with the fish for a while. Now, with things quietening down, I'm getting back into the fish properly... breeding at the moment: a breeding pair of bristlenose in the oscar tank that just keep pumping out the babies, some experimental guppies, and my bettas

Today I began a spawn of a double tail plakat that I recently bought and a random female I had. I also have orange marble and dragon halfmoon, cambodian butterfly veil experiment, green marble crowntail, and other random experimental spawns lined up... expect spawn logs!


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arrrgh I just replied to you via the quick post option and instead of hitting post at the bottom I hit add reply at the top and lost the whole thing!! Im having one of those days I guess. Welcome, I am new here myself. I will be looking for a bristlenose once my tank is cycled :) how many do you have at the moment?

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