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Help! What type of pump?


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I have recently purchased a Betta tank set up. It is 3 steps with 9 bays with a sump underneath at the rear. The water needs to be pumped to the top left bay then runs across & down through a tube etc & zig zags back to the sump.

The tank came with lights & filter but I need to get a pump. The only problem is I have NO idea what I am looking for.

I want a very quiet pump that has a very low flow (or adjustable flow) that can pump from the sump to the top step which is around 40cm high & of course I dont want to spend my life savings.

I am worried I will get a pump that has a very high water flow & it will be too much.

Also, Can I restrict water flow in the same way you can with air in the form of a hose clamp or will that damage my pump?

I have only ever had several tanks around the house with heaters & air pumps so I am extremely excited to have a (lower) maintenance tank! I am just worried about getting the right set up.

Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated

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Welcome to the forum.

As you pointed out a high water flow will create problems.

Some of the smaller pumps have an adjustable intake which varies the output.

The primary consideration is head flow height. minimum for this setup is 0.5m

Member Zui has a setup I think maybe similar to yours for sale: Ask him what pump is in his system...before it sells.


Bunnings / Ebay. then LFS

Cheers good luck


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It is about 40cm high & about the same deep. I would think maybe 60cm long but I have not measured it. I cleaned it last nigh & am about to work out how many litres it takes but it will be a few by the time I fill the sump.

I am worried if I need a powerful pump the water flow will be too high hence why I want to restrict the flow via a hose clamp if necessary.

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The water only has to drip feed into the barracks, and that flow is constant.

If the water dripping/ flowing into the barracks is strong, will create a current and will make it uncomfortable for the Betta.

You can dampen the current with java fern in the barracks.but better to have a slow constant feed.

"I want to restrict the flow via a hose clamp if necessary"

An inline flow adjuster would be better...same as used for air pumps ( non variable) to restrict air flow.

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Yes that was my thought. Do you know of a product that would drip water? I have very little experience in this area so really have no idea what to use.

I too was worried about the water flow being too fast but needs to be reasonable to keep the tank warm. It's cold up this way lol

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I got a pump & with some creative thinking have stalled a large part of the steady flow so it is just a small trickle. The tank is heating up ATM but everything seems to be working well.

Another quick question, with 9 bays flowing through each other I am worried about sharing bugs! How long should a new betta be in a quarantine tank for or is this not necessary?

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