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Betta end up costing me $200


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When to LFS today, looking to buy a male betta. There was no car park left in front of the store, so I parked on a quiet road at the back of the store. There was a 'no parking sign', however it was 10meters from where I parked, so I thought it would be ok and I was going to quickly run in and get the betta. Got into the shop and saw the 3 most amazing betta's, and I couldn't decide which one to get. I was just standing there looking at the betta's and deciding which one to get and I forgot all about the parking. 15 minutes later I decided which one to get, while walking back to my car I notice I got a parking fine >.< $141!!!! looked at the time of the fine and it was 2minutes before I got to the car. SAD SAD SAD

Anyway I decide to get the Platinum Plakat it was $55.





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Oh that's CRAP!

Were you going to Amazing Amazon?

I didnt know they did HM's - that's good to know!

....my last extravaganza out to Subscape was a killer - I parked at 4:05 in a clearway (from 4:30-6:30) and went in to chat to the kids about filtration and ended up convincing them (not myself) that I needed an Eheim filter in my barracks, stretching the budget I took the plunge and invested in a new eheim, along with some cycle, some plants and more junk I didn't really need.

Went outside with a big bag of goodies - infact two, very, awkward bags and looked for my car.

It's a new car so it wasn't unusual that I didn't really recognize it... being towed away.... on a truck.

so I furrowed my brow, and got in a cab... driving toward the impound yard I asked the dude in the cab how much it would cost

I was pale by the time I arrived at the yard

$150 on filter and goodies

$450 to get the car out of the pound, only to find a parking fine on the windscreen that I still had to pay

$150 fine

angry Ness.



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Lol. Sorry guys.

My story is taking Jarrod to pick up 2 Aqua one barracks. We went through 2 toll booths. I though we only went through one. By the time I realised what was going on, a $1.80 toll turned into $300.

Ps.....after lots of letters and begging, six months later they waived the fines. :-). Lucky.

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Yes, it's Amazing Amazon. And here I thought my luck was really bad, I feel your pain Ness >.<,

and yes the length we go to for these beautiful fishes.

Was quite upset about the fine, but deep down I feel :) to own this platinum HMPK.

Nice one paul, I'm going to write them a letter, in hope that they waive the fine, doesn't hurt to try.

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