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  1. i forgot to update yous... well the male ended up holding n now i have 15 babies GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!! but what do i do with them babies now? any1 want some ? also my males r holding again . . . once u get them goin they just dont stop! but look awesome with 2 males n 1 female when there just about to beeed... why cant nomal fighters be easy as wild bettas at breeding
  2. well i got some news mac lovers they r currently breeding n holding atm i hope these guys hold for that period of time
  3. i have but im scared that the bigger male will just chomp the smaller male .... ill give it a shot tho lets see how it goes...
  4. hey there mac lovers i got a lil situation thought i ask for some help... well i got 2 males n a female 1 male is around 10 cm the other is around mayb 15cm bigger (Real fat) n i got a female thats around 12cm atm i got the bigger male n female together... ( they have breed b4 i had them ) but my other male(10cm) is in a divider that can see the pair swimming around... at times the female comes to my male(10cm) that is in a divider n shows her bars really dark bars... also the male flares back at her with realy bright red n black .... there was a stage i swap the males around n notice that they would flare n dance with each other... but then the male(10cm) ends up getting chased n scared away into his lil corner ... what would u consider i should doo??? should i leave the original pair together or should i swap the males ? or any other ideas u could help me with ? btw i am also chasing a pair if u had some or know any1 with some please let me know . . . thanks ps i hope this make sence n thanks for reading :)
  5. does some1 out there have a female macrostoma or would like to swap a male mac for a female mac? please inbox me

  6. any1 out there have a spare female macrostoma?

  7. well i got some news guys i got another mouth full of eggs and its even bigger then before! hope this batch goes good :)
  8. hey guys well the male ate the eggs today ... but thanks for your replies and knowledge keep u posted if any more news but ill try upload the old video n photos
  9. hey guys just some advice needed due to first time breeding mouth brooders ! i swear i just brought these over a week ago @ exotic aquatic as the days gone buy i saw the female colour up in nice bars. also with the male with his red getting redder and redder anyways... early on this morning i saw my channoides wild betta breed. i took a video and some photos that ill upload soon enough on this... when i get the chance Was wondering is it best to leave the pair together? or should i separate them from each other? btw at this very moment my male is holding !! yayer! thanks for reading david
  10. wow i just saw my channoides betta breed at this very moment :)

    1. footycards


      nice one! one of fav fish

  11. ill upload another 1 in the showroom forum whens its completed so stay tune
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