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    heres my lil set up :)
  1. does some1 out there have a female macrostoma or would like to swap a male mac for a female mac? please inbox me

  2. any1 out there have a spare female macrostoma?

  3. wow i just saw my channoides betta breed at this very moment :)

    1. footycards


      nice one! one of fav fish

  4. this might not be much but could it be shock? due to alot of changes in the water ?
  5. hey betta lovers what's the differences of a channoides betta and a Albimarginata wild betta?

  6. any1 out there have any red cherrry shrimps for sale ?

  7. i am currently selling white worms and also micro worms and in the process of making vinegar ells for sale please inbox me for further details :)

  8. hey fish lovers out there i just started a white worm culture and also micro worms wish me luck!!

    1. REDFISH


      I just started a culture too - Good Luck!!

    2. MISSqueenmac


      hAHAHAH THANKS im actually selling mine atm neeed to make some more batches n good luck on urs

  9. hey i heard of some1 on the forum that u have macrostomas for sale was just wondering how much it would be thanks

  10. does any1 out there have any macrostoma for sale please inbox me asap

    1. davo


      they are not cheap mate!!.. unfortunately there is none available.

    2. MISSqueenmac


      yeah i know they not but ill still buy it hahhahah n yeah i know :( ive been chasing some babies for awhile now ... if i can find some other blood lines i will be breeding them :) wish me luck guys!!!

  11. macrostoma fishes any1?

  12. hi there thanks for the welcoming msg. yes i will defiantly post pic up of my collections of fighters i have crown tail half moon double tail short fin delta tail and a long fin plust a female fighter. in regards to the female macs from joan we have already purches the male macs form her n she did not have any females at the time.... yeah i will defiantly let u know if i still need the female fighters from u thanks dk.
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