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Hi Everyone,

My names Muss I am from West Melbourne, I have always loved Betta's, there is just something about their vibrant colors and different variations that I love.

As a Surprise my better half went out and purchased me a little "Start Up Kit" and now I just want to know more & more about them so I can care for them properly so they have a satisfactory life. I was surfing this wonderful forum for since 8 at night till 3am haha.

I am still a little unsure as to what variation of betta they are. If anyone can please clarify. I currently have them in a Aqua Duo Tank. I today purchased a Aquatopia Poseidon 30L tank and Just looking through the forum has motivated me to create a community with one of my betta's.

So, I would like to introduce everyone to:



Sushi doesnt seem no where near as active as Godzilla which is worrying a bit, mostly just floats around like so around the bottom.



Very Active, fairly responsive (follows your finger while near tank)

If anyone could give me any suggestions or tips as far as setting the my new tank ready would be great, At the moment I have a pump, some rocks. Looking for a plant, and maybe looking to add Neon Tetra/Cardinals.

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Hi, i wouldnt recommend tetras with bettas as they can be kinda hasseling little fish and will anoy them.

To help your inactive betta out i would try getting some Indian almond leaves and adding the correct dose of aquarium salt to the tank!

If your able to make it to the Aquarium society of vic meeting tonight they are having a plant night and you will most likely be able to get some plants and other goodies at great prices!

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Hey Muss,

Welcome to the forum, I would suggest the two mighty beasts that you have are:

Sushi: Metallic Cambodian-based multicolour (i.e. pale body, metallic white opal coverage, over red and blue fins with some white)

Godzilla: Spread iridesence blue (Steel / Teal / Royal / Metallic ?) with red wash (i.e. black body, black face, blueish body and blue fins with a touch of red in the anal fin, gills and ventrals - visible if you shine a light behind him)

They're both Veiltail varieties.

I'd be keeping an eye on the shape of Godzilla's tail - he's either bitten or suffered from fin rot at some point in his life... if the shape changes, or the edges get ratty - you might need to investigate medication - otherwise he's just got a stumpy.

Setting up a tank and doing the research is great fun, there are some things you really want to get right, and firstly (I'm a stickler for it) is water chemistry.

Just about all betta issues will be borne of water quality - and the thing is, it's not just fresh from the tap, that's just not good enough.

As a first time fish keeper I would suggest a few test kits would be your best friend - they're an investment, but if you plan on keeping fish, you'll be grateful for them every time!

I have a PH, Carbonate Hardness, Ammonina, Nitrite / Nitrate kit - these water parameters are everything when it comes to diagnosing issues... well.. no, that's not true - but it helps.

There's a few other things you can add to the water such as aquarium salt, indian almond leaf (highly recommended) and shell grit (for calcium and minerals)

You also want the super basics like Dechlorinator, Prime, and if you like - Cycle (which is like a kick-start so you don't have to "cycle" your tank)

I never leave home without a powder called Carbonate hardness powder - it locks my PH and carbonate hardness so my fish never experience huge swings of these parameters and I rarely have sick fish. (had my share, it's heartbreaking)

The other big deal is temperature.... it needs to be stable, somewhere between 25-28 degrees... stable is key.

Sounds like I'm telling you to go and spend a bucket of cash, but really these things last for ages, and the investment means you'll secure the health of your fish as best you can!

I often point people in this direction for a general care sheet: http://www.victoriabetta.com/care-sheet.html

Another great site is betty splendens: http://bettysplendens.com

Best of luck with the pair and the new setup.


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Thank you so much for your help ness, unfortunately we woke up the morning after the photos were taken and found sushi dead....doing some further research on the forum found he had cotton disease. Straight away I took Godzilla out cleaned the tank out and put fresh water and treated it, checked the pH levels and got it back to the right temperature and put Godzilla in. He seems to still be well and enjoying his life but we are keeping a close eye on him.

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