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My Giant Plakats


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Just wanted to share some piccies of my boys :-) and any info of what colours they are would be great im still learning :-)

red dragon?



second boy I am not sure what colour he would be classed as.



third boy he is blue with red wash?


I apologise about the quality of the pics they are from my phone as my camera has gone for a walk and i haven't seen it since i moved.

Kind regards Jess

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Hey Silver,

I'd suggest the first boy is indeed dragon (white scales) over cambodian/blond + red (as his body is a little bit washed out with the cambodian/blond gene) with lovely red fins.

He may also carry the marble gene as he has those the white edges (butterfly edges) around the fins.

I wonder if he's technically a Symmetrical Plakat? as opposed to an Asymmetrical PK.... maybe someone can answer this for you...

Batchelor #2 is commonly called a 'Salamander' or 'Lavender' - these terms are interchangable at the best of times.

Essentially he's got a red base, and over the top is a metallic layer of blue (is he shimmery under bright light?) this gives the purpley effect of lavender/salamander, it's very commonly paired with butterfly (which is a result of the marble gene) he's also got that little rim of white around the edges.

Asymmetrical PK

Final boy, yep- spot on, he's got spread iridesence, but not full mask (so the blue is over the body, not the black face) Metallic blue, with red wash underneath.... probably showing through the most on the ventrals and anal fin?

Another Asymmetrical PK



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Hey Jess, you have some mighty fine boys there, I especially like the Red Dragon :)

To answer the question posed by Ness, No, he wouldn't be classed as Symmetrical - as beautiful and high as his dorsal is, it isn't broad enough or have enough rays to be classed as Symmetrical. With the 4 way branching in the caudal, I'd be inclined to refer him as a show plakat, but hard to say exactly, as the caudal edges aren't visible.

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Thanks guys, I'm very happy with them just gotta get them some girlies now :-)

Ness boy number to does shimmer, his colour changes when he moves. I love it!

and boy number three the red wash is on his ventricals and anal fin with a little on his caudal fin.

I didn't even know there are different types of plakats :-\ so I did some research and he is a show plakat :-) learn something new every day!

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