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My Current Killie List


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Hi All

Just like to share with you all my current Killie List for 2012-2013

Aphoysemion Australe Gold 13 pairs+ eggs

Aphoysemion Australe Chocolate 14 pairs+ eggs

Aphoysemion Australe (from Col 1 female left)

Aphoysemion Poliaki 13 pairs+ eggs

Aphoysemion Striatum 13 pairs+ eggs

Aphoysemion Callirium 3 pairs+fry+eggs

Aphoysemion Gardneri Sp (More then 30 i think)...+fry+eggs

Aphoysemion Gardneri Gold (3 pairs)

Aphoysemion Scheeli (2 pairs) i think

Aphoysemion Gardneri Udi Berge (2 pairs+eggs)...i think

Aphoysemion Ameittii (5 pairs + fry + eggs) i think...

Aphoysemion Sjoestedij (5 fry)

Aphoysemion Bivatitum Lagos (23 fish. noticed some deaths :()

Oryzias Laptipes Gold 10 pairs but dropping :(

Epiplatys annulatus 23 fish + eggs

A. pugnax (15 fish. noticed some deaths)

That is the killies at least..I am sure I got heaps of the other species but that's for another time.

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Let me know if you ever have any Aphoysemion Poliaki to sell. My female died so my male is all alone. I have gotten back into my killies now and have Adrian at EA trying to get me a Sjoestedij pair if he can.

Impressive list for sure. Your fish room/place of fish must be pretty speccy with all those guys in it!

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Thanks all..

That was the report for the Sydney Killie Group so I thought i should make it public.

Well they still have Blue Gularis but I don't know if they are crash hot though.

Because I got them a few months ago and the parents didn't really have too much spark left :(

I have Poliaki but they are not breeding yet. In fact I need to move them to a 4ft tank soon as I feel they would breed profusely in that tank.

I am trying to source






A.gabunense gabunense

and many others but it's very hard to get :(

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Well I found my dream killifish a week or so ago



Now to convince my mum we need to move to a country that allows the fish I like in!

It's a shame they are so hard to get here.

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Well I guess a girl can dream *lol*


I'm getting some tanks made up especially for my killifish and going to have some dedicated grow-outs for any fry. Decided it's killifish and wild bettas all the way now.

That A. gabunense gabunense is nice. Reminds me a bit of the colouring on striatum.

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