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Hey guys my name is garry im from sydney and ive been trying to Breed betta for the last few months, got a few fail attempts, so i thought i myt join this forum and hopefully gain more experience and skills from other breeders. i got a pair of dumbo halfmoon plakats, and a pair of platnium halfmoons, both in the breeding process.

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Hey guys, maybe my introduction wasn't good enough and i noticed we cant post another topic and i also cant edit my post, so ill just type it here. My name is Garry im from Sydney, the first time i actually bought my betta was about 6years ago i never got into the whole breeding betta thing back then but i was like 14years old then so i wouldnt know much or even know how to search for info on the net, im 20 now and ive gotten into the whole betta breeding system. i got a 45 gallon tank for the fry to grow out and a 20gallon tank to start the breeding process with. Got a pretty mature Java fern plant that has heaps of seedings on the leave's and Alot of Java moss. i had a few Attempts with Halfmoon plakats and Platnium halfmoon's, but i could never get the Pair's right. they will try to wrap and it will fail and the other one would just start flaring /Attacking. Maybe this introduction is better. Thanks for your time.

Current Pairs in Breeding Process:

Blue Dumbo halfmoon plakats pair. 5-7months in age.

Plantium Red/blue Halfmoon. unknown age.

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Hey Gary,

Welcome to the forum, you'll have fun going through the spawn logs and there's heaps of advise in the gene pool threads - good luck with your pairs, have a poke through the search engine - and feel free to start some threads to get the ball rolling if you have questions.



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