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Greetings from Brisbane


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I'm a noob, in the Brisbane region. I have no affiliation with any aquarium/fish/plant businesses.

This coming weekend I hope to set up a 3 footer (910mm) x 18"(w 460mm) x 24" (h 600mm) I received last Sunday.

Accessories: 2 x 39W t5s, Fluval 405, 300W heater.

I plan on setting up a freshwater planted tank and eventually (once it's cycled),

run a few head of shrimp, a small school of tetra, some oto's and maybe rainbows.

The fish stocking plan is not finalised yet as I don't know if they're all good tank-mates and I don't want to overstock the tank.

I have an 8kg CO2 bottle handy (from a homebrew beer ex-hobby) that I'd like to use for adding CO2 to aid plant growth.

I think I've found a suitable regulator, but the website says it's for adjusting PH.

I'm thinking of using some kind of aqua soil or similar (in black) and thin it out (is that likely to work?), (40-60 or 50-50) with some gravel or sand of a similar size (& colour) if I can find something like that.

Are there any LFS in the SE QLD region with an excellent range of plants?

such as:

various crypts (siamensis, balansae)

Java moss

Java fern

Echinodorus spp

Anubias spp (mainly nana, 'coffeefolia', lanceolata)

Vallisneria erecta

Ludwigia repens



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G'day Weasel.

Interesting introduction mate, can't say I've ever seen anyone say they have no affiliation with any aquarium/fish/plant businesses when they introduce them self. But hey, no matter.

Welcome aboard.

When it comes to doing planted tanks, there really is only one store in Brisbane to visit, Fishchicks at Annerley Junction. It's a little hard to find first time. On the out bound side, look for an arcade with a coffee shop at the top and a heap of billboards on the footpath. Head downstairs, past Ace Comics and you should see the store at the back.

Quite a few Brisbane members here are pretty regular there and one works there.

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Hey there weasel, great to meet you. I'm sure you'll find all the info and more that you need on here. We're quite a friendly bunch, so don't be afraid of asking questions :)

By the way, Annerley Junction is on Ipswich Rd, Annerley on the side that has the big antique shop.

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