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another newbie


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hi...yep, i'm another newbie to this excellent and exciting new forum. no real experience in keeping fish but will no doubt gain some knowledge thru forums like this.at the moment i have a low tech planted tank, trying to get a colony of L333's to breed and now especially having seen the variety of bettas in this forum, want to keep some of my own and hopefully make some friends..

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never just another n00b

you're all special

each and every wun.

L#'s photos please! They're very handsome fush

lol...i feel very special all of a sudden,thank you(i think)... unfortunately i do not have any pics of the L333's as yet, they are only very young,8 months old, I have 6 of them(from 3 unrelated batches) growing out in a 4 ft heavily planted tank so I rarely see them, they are in there with 2 common BS, 1 Longfin, 2 Peppermints BS, a couple of Blind Tetra's, 2 Electric Yellows and a Butterfly Fish and a couple of Zebra Danios bought as a feeder fish for the Butterfly fish but quickly got too fat to be eaten. I plan to take out the L333's in another 6 months and place in a breeding set up and will take pics then but thank you for your interest.

And yes they are very handsome fish, I initially wanted to breed L046's but who can afford those???

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