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the fish ive kept


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ok hi im ayden.k im twelve ive been keeping fish for about 3 years now atm im keeping one puplish red doubletail male a halfmoon green female 2 pseudotropheus crabro i think thats how you spell it and 1Synodontis Multipunctatus - Cuckoo Cat and on the weekend probs im getting 2 male plakat true fighters and 1 giant female plakat i might not be getting the giant but definatly the 2 male plakat and i keep reptiles aswell such as 1 male beardie 1 murray river turtle 2 bynoes gecko and my brother has 2 cream halfmoon females 1 mustard gas halfmoon 4 dwarf cories and 1 borneo sucker called piere and thats because he eats all the snails that are in the tank so yeah thats what i keep :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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welcome to the board PH! A friend of Plakat's is a friend of mine lol :lol:

And a friend of yours is no friend of mine! Ha, only joking! we are all friends here! Anyone in the hobby can't be bad right? Welcome plakathunter...

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