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Unfortunately, I don't have a picture and all you'll have to go on is my best description but any information would be helpful! In addition to the many Betta that I seem to be adding to my home on a daily/weekly basis, I also have a scaped 27 litre Fluval Edge. The Edge has been sitting and resting for a while until yesterday when I added a catfish and quite a few of the Bumblebee Gobies.

After releasing the Gobies, I started looking around hoping to find them (they where only little ones and they are really difficult to spot in my tank) when I noticed what I can only imagine was an egg sack on my Blixa?? On one of the "blades" of blixa, there was a sack like membrane with a collection of small very distinguishable white dots. I tried to remove it by pulling it off gently with my plant tweezers and it was very clearly stuck on! I did end up getting it out but only after uprooting the whole plant and cutting that part of the leaf off and throwing it away.

It couldn't possibly be from the Catfish or the Gobies and I don't think anything else lives in my tank with the exception of a few snails that I try to remove.

Has anyone ever seen something like this? Should I be worried? Is this going to affect the fish that I have added to the tank?

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