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Planning for barracks of DOOM!


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Hey all, so, I may or may not have been on Ebay earlier this afternoon.... <_<

I ended up winning the bid on this for $80 -


For those who can't be bothered clicking the link, it's a 6 foot long tiered waterfall tank with stand :D anyhoo, I saw it and something in my head told me it may make a freakin' wicked barracks.... now I just need to work out the details of how to turn it into such. I also need to work out where in my house I'm going to put the blasted thing, but that's another issue I'll have to work out for myself :P (I'm starting to think an insulated shed for a fishroom may not be an entirely bad idea)

I've still got a canister filter kicking around from when I had my 4 foot tank with resident oscar (before oscar got sick and carked it, and tank was cracked when moving and is now my snake tank), I'll have to check what model it is but I'm guessing I'll need something decent to move the water from one end to the other and back again, from memory it had a bit of grunt to it.... it was working last I checked but that was a while ago now, it'll need a good clean at the very least, hopefully it still works and I haven't lost all the pipes and whatnot for it. There's also the question of how to heat it, once I find out how many litres it actually is :blink:

Anyways, I was also thinking of giving the planted tank thing a go with this one, I've always envied pretty planted tanks, but never managed anything beyond driftwood and ornaments for my own tanks.... I'll have a dig through the forums for info and how-to's but if anyone has any particular ideas/advice, it's all welcome.


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Ha, oh don't worry, I'll probably post every time I do something to this tank.... And I haven't quite sent myself broke yet, especially seeing as I ended up getting the tank for $70 in the end because the guy I bought it from is awesome... Though I may have turned a little green with envy when he opened his garage door onto an epic fishroom, and showed me all the fancy bristlenose he's breeding.

But yes, it's home now and sitting in the backyard, it needs a clean and I'm gonna re-paint the stand, but one of the next steps is working out how to attach a canister filter to the plumbing it's already got installed... Will post pics of it tomorrow.

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