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Sump Filter


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Right first off. I know, I'll post photos as soon as I have finished my millions of chores set to me on a sunday.XD


I got a new 2 ft tank for my angels. It had a stand,immersable pump, filter and a metal halliode light.

But, of course I don't now how to set up a Sump filter!

It has the pipes that lead to the tank etc.

Underneath the actual tank is the split one for the filter.

I haven't a clue were to set up he pump, wether it goes inside or outside the water.

I know where to put the heater, filer medium and wool. But to get the cycle started I'm clueless. I'm doing a search now but I wanted your expertise aswell.

Cheers Hazell

Photos Here:

photo4.jpg?t=1335063271 Sorry for Glare.

photo3.jpg?t=1335063211 PUMP (Immersable)

photo.jpg?t=1335063283 Random pipe.

photo5-1.jpg?t=1335063254 Filter Tank

photo2.jpg?t=1335063219The guy did this for us.

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Hmm well i cant tell how the top tank flows to the bottom.. But i can tell you that it is a submersible pump, so in the water it goes.. i would say judging by the pictures tho.. having a guess here..


Left side is where the water runs down from the top tank and on the right is where the pump should/would go to pump the water back up.. I would fill the sump up with enough water in each chamber that its full but not overflowing and prime the down pipe (left) with water before turning on the pump (watch the water level as the pump may work faster than the overflow at first). Make sure water fills the overflow pipe then open the valve to let water flow into the sump which should overflow into each section before being pumped up into the main tank again... But again i cant really see the main tanks system.. so i may be TOTALLY WRONG lol.. but a guess answer is better than none :)

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my guess is you would connect the plastic tube on the right to your pump, and it would push the filtered water back up to the tank. You should put alot of filter media in the left side like floss and noodles to do the actuall filtering, your pump is only for moving the water. Dont turn the pump on untill its completely submersed. Nice little setup :D

There is alot of guides on the internet and this forum on how to start a cycle! just dont put all your angel fish in untill its established!

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