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Fish enthusiast from Sydney!


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Hi Guys,

A bit about me, I moved to Sydney about two years ago. I have always had a passion for fish and I'm finally old enough to own them without my parents nagging at me! I guess the fact that I now earn my own money has contributed to that luxury.

I currently have an 85L tank with mostly tropical fish. Unfortunately I added a new fish to my aquarium about two weeks ago and she had some sort of illness, so I lost about 20 fish within 24 hours of adding her. I am heartbroken about this! So at the moment I have set up a quarantine tank for future fish.

My favourite fishes are Khuli Loaches, Guppies, balloon mollies and anything else that looks fat and squishy. On a bigger scale I love Dugongs! I would love to get into salt-water aquariums one day, but I think I need a bit more experience before I put more lives at stake!

I look forward to meeting you all, and thanks for reading!

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Welcome! While ballon fish may look cool they are seriosly deformed, their spine is bent in half and it is disgusting that this deformity is bred for IMHO. They are weak and don't live anywhere near as long as their non deformed counterparts. Why not look for something else that will live a long happy ife? Sorry to hear you lost your last lot, what sopecies were they?

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Thanks Dave!

@Matt, I lost some blue/red tetras, rummy-nose tetras, lemon tetras, a khuli loach, guppies, black mollies, a baloon molly, and some other tetra varieties. Thanks for the heads up on balloon mollies, I didn't actually know that!

@Zui, I'm down south towards Campbelltown. I lived in Olympic park for a month, I like your area better. lol

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Hey Khuli,

Welcome to the forum, yeah it's a bit rough you lost so many fish - I guess that's the steep learning curve that we all come across when we start out with new fish!

We're glutons for photos, so sign up to photobucket and get shooting!!

Maybe we can one day coax you into the betta world? Muahahahhaha...... mmm.. betta.

Anyway - welcome!


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