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I'm so excited!


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My Bus driver, asked me today if I still had fish, I said yes, many. He says "Want a free 3 foot tank?" It was his son's before he past away due to melanoma. And well, I'm getting a 3 footer! What should I have in it?

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You have plenty of options.

  • Use it as a growout tank for fry
  • Small Apistos :D
  • Marine?
  • Plant it up, get some female bettas and have a betta sorority :D
  • Turn it into a community tank and get some compatible fish (what do you like?) (I'm having Angels, larger tetras, corys and a couple of swords in my 3ft.)

Tell us what you like and we might be able to give you tips on compatible fish, type of setup etc....

Oh, and congrats! :D

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