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Another Hi From Perth


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Some of you might know me from AL, PCS and other forums in Oz.... I got a hit from AAQ on my website www.aquotix.com.au in regards to a query on Grindal Worm cultures... so I thought I might check this forum out....

For those that dont know me - as the user name suggests, I know a bit about fish diseases and chemistry/husbandry/importing/quarantining etc.... I have been in the aquarium industry for nearly 30 years now, and own a large retail/wholesale shop in Perth called Aquotix Aquariums. I import fish and drygoods from overseas, manufacture a range of products for cichlids, planted tanks and shortly for shrimps, under the brand name of AquaREALm... the website will be up soon for this brand...

If you have any pressing or irritating health issues for your fish, feel free to PM me any time - Ill get an email notification and Ill be right over to answer any issues to the best of my knowledge..... I do this after hours because I like to help.



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Thanks for mentioning it - I have had Grindals for years, and due to forum rules all over Oz (I own my own LFS) I cant tell too many people, so not too many know I carry them.....

I started keeping grindals back int he 80s when I was into Killies, now I just do it for those that want it - it is consistently hard to find, almost no LFS carry it....

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Nice to have you Doctor,

This forum is a pretty friendly joint, and would very much enjoy adding more juice to the collective brains trust!

There's plenty of questions in the Clinic, so your opinion would be most welcome.

I feel like I need to curtsey, I've got my polite on.

I do that when I think people have academic certificates framed in their offices...... I have a picture framed that I tore out of a book in my office.

But my office is my studio is my fish room is my bedroom is 4x3 meters.

Why are we talking about interior design at this hour?

goodnight Doctor.

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Why are we talking about interior design at this hour?

You're a nutter? we will get on just fine.... muahahahaha

Just to clarify - I only hold a BSc in Environmental Biology - with 30+years fish keeping and 25+years in the industry including importation and breeding, I have a wealth of into to offer..... Interior design is not my forte, unless it is inside an aquarium...

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