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DIY Rain water system


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Due to I have recently moved house and need a good way to collect rainwater; so I thought to myself. Why not make my own?

It turns out I was really naive just how hard it is to make my own rain water system. But with my I'll just wing it attitude AND most importantly a great deal of help the outcome is not bad....

The Equipments are:

- Two barrels (250L each)used to contain food

- 2x pvc pipe 90mm

- 1x PVC pipe 25mm

- Aquarium safe scilicon (effectiveness is still being investigated

- A rubber inlet thingy

- A plastic Tap

- 2x plastic invet screwy thingy

Melbourne is about to have a good rainfall (hopefullly) so I can test if the seals are water tight. Wish me luck!


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Hi Joan

could I sujest that you put in a diverter by that I mean for the fist couple of rains all the muck and polution on the roof washes off and then you just flip the flap and the rest of the time it is diverted to the barrels. You can get them in Bunnings and they just fit on to the down pipe. I only sujest this as It is water quality that you need for your fish, It isnt as important if it is just for garden use



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