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Spawn Ideas Notebook


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I have so many ideas for future possible spawns, I thought I would start a thread to keep them all in the one place and my reasons behind the pairing, because half the time I forget.

Cross #1 Orange HMPK x Platinum Yellow HMPK


The Male...

This boy is from the orange marble HMPK spawn. I love his apricot colour. His caudal has some darker orange spots and streaks that could be developed further if the pattern turns up in the offspring. Finnage needs work, but I believe the females superior finnage should balance out his shortcomings and give better caudal spread and branching.


The Female...

This girls matching platinum yellow butterfly male was lost during the mystery illness outbreak that worked it's way through my fishroom. I expect her superior finnage should help improve on the males in the next generation


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nice fish, i'm always eyeing off your fish lol.. i had the same trouble a few years back... so many choices and plans but too little memory :dontknow:.. i ended up creating excel sheets as templates.. inc a name, mother, father, hatch date and a brief description best describing possible matches... ended up using 3 sheets, 1 for breeding, 1 for maintenance and 1 for incoming/outgoing fish ;) I'm very articulated so that was the way i kept everything in order

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Cross #2 Yellow/Blue HMPK x Blue Apache CT


The Male....

The male is from the Orange Marble HMPK spawn. It is becoming obvious that this line needs some new blood. My goal is to produce some CTPKs with his colouring. He is the same colour as the male crowntail who was the sibling to the blue apache female. As with the orange male above, his finnage is not perfect, but since it is going to take generations to get perfect CTPK finnage regardless what fish I use. This is a long term project.


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I really like the idea of that first NRed pair

His anal fin isn't too blown out - and I really like the the shape of the front of it too.. She might help even out the shape and branching in the caudal

In fact I think you'd get several fry with good even results in the overall shape of finnage (that'd be my priority with the kids)

But everything else about them form wise is there - great body shapes.

With the Platinum - isn't that technically dragon (I hit my wall here with colour knowledge) so wouldn't you then get coper marble with Non Red bits?

That sounds a little bit like a good idea....

Anyway - notebook is a good idea, I literally have mine all written down in a note book.


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