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New girl from Jodi-Lea

Wild Nut

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This is my new female ‘Fidget’. She’s from the fancy plakat pair that someone had on her Youtube channel. She arrived yesterday afternoon but has already cowed the male in the tank over.




I was nervous she wouldn’t arrive until after the weekend, since they didn’t update the tracking details until after she was delivered.

The breeder’s net holds another female who arrived with her, but I couldn’t get any clear shots through the netting.

Fidget will be staying in this tank but I intend on cycling and planting it out. The other nameless female will be moving into my upcoming 3ft sorority.

Also here is my original sorority now rescaped. I am getting some hairgrass tomorrow to plant out the foreground as it is too bare for my tastes. Underneath the gravel is root tabs and ADA aqua soil.



(ignore the torch/empty looking tank over)

Also won three dragon-type marble females from Sutee on AB the other day so will be paying for them and then chewing my nails to stubs waiting for them to arrive safely here.

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Haha sororities are the best. After looking at my empty 3ft tank, I somehow found myself enquiring about ten Cambodian/Pastel females from jha and I'm off to the LFS tomorrow to get substrate and plants. :byebye: Bye bank savings.

On top of that, I still have a 10 bay barracks to set-up and an empty 4ft tank to move off my bedroom floor and put my goldfish into.

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Silly fish. It's always the ones you really like that decide not to spawn/die/jump out/chomp off their tails.

I'm now looking for a blue and white marble HMPK male for my baby daddy. I just wish so many of the fish I find didn't have red on their fins.

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