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Introduction *from Sydney*


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Hi everyone,

My name is Jaybee and im 22 years young, I am currently studying in I.T and I have enjoyed this hobby of fish keeping since last year. I have 1 male betta and he lives in a 20L filtered / heated tank which I am still in the process of putting together in regards to decorations, I am already learning a lot from this forum and wish to learn more and share my experiences / problems / tips with all :)

I have another tank with some tropical fish which is in a crisis at the moment (columnaris disease), I am treating it at the moment and it seems to working so fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading!

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Hi Jaybee,

Welcome to the party/forum/brains trust/interwebs.

I just had what I thought was a zombie/columnaris issue, it's really not much fun - but turns out it was bacterial, so miss apricot is going to live to spawn another day (most likely)

How are you treating it? (we should start a thread in the clinic)

We're gluttons for images, so if you have a camera, and a photobucket account, and time - you know we want pics...

Where did you get your little betta dude from? name/likes/dislikes/starsign/colour/type etc?

They're such great company at work, I'm thinking of dragging one of my frilly display boys into the shop so I can fish-out at work and at home... boss won't mind.

Anyways, HI.



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(not my betta tank) -> I am treating it with "Wardley" drops, its what my LFS recommended for my outbreak.. It seems to be working slowly.. and I have recently purchased a new compact camera which I will learn how to use slowly :P So I will definitely post some up when I get the chance too.

I am only new to having one of these awesome fish and I have not even named him yet! He is a blue / purple / red veiltail I believe and from what I have gathered so far, he doesn't like my finger at all seeing as he flares at it... But when I am feeding him he loves it? its a love hate relationship I think..

Just a quick question :P Today I saw a small snail in my tank, now I am assuming it came via the live plant I put it.. can this in any way hurt my betta? I dont like them nor do I want them.. (it looked like a normal shaped snail, not a spiral one, brown color).. and I just put in a terracotta pot which I bought from k-mart, is there any issues with that? I have been reading up and all I am being told is that you need to wash it well / soak it for a few days..

Thanks :)

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Hey Jaybee

Welcome to the forum

If you are interested on having a bit of a fish room tour then you are more then happy to come around and check out my setup.

Oh btw I am in IT as well ;) so I am sure there is heaps of common interest there as well.



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Hi Jaybee,

He's very handsome, I suppose technically he's a multicolour - with blue iridescence (maybe royal blue) over red - those lovely red highlights make him pretty special - he looks like he's in great condition.

The snails are probably one of two varieties that often hitch-hike on aquarium plants, either the mystery or apple snail - which has a yellow shell and looks pretty normal like garden variety snails, or a rams' horn snail

Here's a link with more info

Personally I don't mind Apple snails - but they do like to munch on live plants... I like to use them in the fry tank when there's lots of gunk building up that they can eat ...and no live plants.

If he's a rams' horn, there's probably some helpful hints from people here that have had to deal with them - again, can be considered a pest.

Bottom line - they won't really interact with your fish - infact he most likely won't notice it... I've only had one male that didn't like fish AT ALL and would spend the day harassing them.

Your set up is really great, there's plenty of places for your fish to disappear, do you pop a mirror up next to him sometimes?

He's probably all fired up and ready to do some exercise - which is why he flares at your finger, it's not always about anger - it's often about excitement (a better way of putting it) so when he sees you = food, he gets excited!

Take it as a compliment (;


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I just realised that the inside of the barrel in my tank is peeling the top coat of paint, I purchased it from a fish store and so I am 100% sure its aquarium safe! but why would it be peeling off? what should I do!

Sorry for the million questions already <.<

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