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Hello all, my name is Craig and I'm from Newcastle, NSW. I have owned bettas from pet stores for years and only a while ago found out about the massive range out there. Currently I have no bettas but would love to get into breeding, I'm currently trying to find a pair of hm butterfly to breed.

Can't wait to get to know you all and find out more about this hobby


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Hi Swordsy,

Nice to have you here - we're all pretty betta biased, well - I am.

When I was keeping Petstore betta they were all veil tails, and I loved them to bits, but always wanted halfmoons, a few years back I realized I might as well try and find some and breed them up myself!

(Now I'm known to my friends as the crazy fish lady) with around 100+ headcount at the moment.

Butterflies take your fancy - someone might have something for you on her youtube channel (fishchick65) or if you want you can look at my Salamander F2 spawn thread , I need to update it... but lots of Butterfly kids in there!

(The link is in my signature)

Welcome to the forum none the less!


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hey melbournebetta,

i have bought a nice BF HM from someone already. I have also been watching your spawn log. I find it quite interesting to see what you colours you can get from those two.

Here is a pic of my new boy.



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