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Two New Arrivals

Wild Nut

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I had two new arrivals from Jarrod arrive today, so I thought I’d post up some updated photos of my sorority. It’s 35 litres and includes eight females and one plakat male who has no problems living with the rest of the girls. They will be moved to a custom built 80 litre tank after Christmas as I will be moving another female across and love spoiling my girls :lol: It is very well planted, so aside from a few nipped fins every now and then it is fairly peaceful.

Definitely looking to start up another sorority in the new year. They are so much fun.


One of Jarrod's females. About two minutes after being put into the tank she was up pigging out with the rest of the girls


The other new girl. She is a bit more shy but was hanging around with Mrs Derp


Mrs Derp


Group shot of the girls. You can see fatty Strawberry in the background


My PK male with a female from someone

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My girls (and boy) are generally pretty good at accepting newcomers. A extra helping of NLS pellets doesn't go astray either.

It will be interesting to see how she turns out. That blue PK male was originally predominately white. He turned solid in about a week. It's one reason why buying marbles can be both frustrating and exciting *lol*

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