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This is just a quick compilation of videos I put together to show off some of my current bettas.

I haven’t included everyone as some tanks are hard to get to (the tanks on the bottom shelf are missing), but it gives a general idea of my set-up. I am moving the bettas in the divided and bare-bottom tanks into 3 and 4 ft barracks' systems once my albimarginata fry are old enough to transfer to a grow-out.

The empty tank on the top shelf is for an imported fancy dragon PK male coming next week.

Sorry for the quality, it was just taken with my crummy point-and-shoot.


Also here's a video of my 50 litre tub sorority. There's a couple of females from someone in there, while the rest are from Livefish.com.


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Thanks guys. Sadly they are going to have to go downstairs at the end of this year because of problems with humidity.

That little cellophane VT you sent me is in the video flaring in the corner of his tank Jha. He thinks he has a chance with the girl in the tank over *lol* Too bad I destroyed his bubble nest during today's water changes.

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