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Change of heart


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For some reason, I have woken up today feeling sorry for my bettas and the way that I keep them. Here is a little background info to explain why I feel this way (with pics)...

1. We only moved to Perth a few months ago and are still 'settling in' I suppose. I haven't had the money to spend on keeping my fish like I have in the past...I'm working on it though B-)

2. My fishroom is our laundry, so it is only a small space, which I don't mind because we are not planning on staying in Perth for longer then 2 years, and I don't want to have big set ups like I did over east which I had to *gasp* sell or give away!! :(

3. It has been really cold over here, and my 'set up' is the best I could do for my fish at the time. Now the weather is warming, I'm hoping to buy some tier stands to sit them on.

4. Like I mentioned before, we are still settling in and money is still somewhat an issue for my hobby, so in order for me to start my stock collection (which is growing way faster then I had planned lol), I have had to sacrifice on housing.

So, with all that in mind...

Do you think the way I keep my bettas is cruel?

This is a 'view' of my fishroom/laundry.....told you it was small :lol:


This is the tub I keep all/most of my bettas in to keep them all warm at the same time


This is my 3 part divided tank that I'm going to use as my spawn/growout tanks


This is the tanks I keep my fish in. They are plastic and only hold about 1-1.5ltrs. I thought I would put a bottle of Pimafix next to it to give an idea of size


When I was living in Sydney a few years ago (and joined this forum and SBG) I had an entire spare room as my fish room. I had 3 x 5 tier stands FULL of 6x6 inch cubes and beanie boxes for my 'stallions', 2ft sorority tank, 3 x 1.5ft spawn/growout tanks, 3ft community tank and a 4ft unset up tank (man that tank was beautiful, but I had to move :()


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I wouldn't call this cruel, not ideal, but not cruel.

You are keeping them all warm, and I know you are keeping on top of water quality - which are both very important, especially in a small space.

Of coarse, bigger would be better (and I'm sure you have bigger plans)... but for now, personally, I think it's OK, although not ideal.. but I wouldn't go pointing the finger at you for being cruel.

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Thanks Sarah.

I don't know what it is, but all of a sudden I feel really sorry for my fish, like I want to pick them up and give them all a fuzzy hug and tell them it will get better LOL.

Of all the tanks in my past that I mentioned, when I got to Perth all I had left was 2 of the 6x6inch cubes :((

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Hey LMF,

I know exactly those "critter keepers" I've got them for various things, but find they're ample size for a little floating hospital etc, also surprisingly good to photograph in as the plastic is so clear.

Face it, it's a tough gig keeping these dudes happy when you have more than a handful, and while it isn't rainbow and lollypop perfect, they're being kept in slightly bigger housing than a standard beanie box, which, for most breeders and multiple betta keepers - is how they live.

In fact, these boxes are bigger than the AquaOne Barracks system... which has it's benefits in it's self - but just for comparison.... and they're longer and shallower, which is preferable over smaller n taller.

While I look over my shoulder, at my set up, I currently have 5 males floating in a larger tank, all carded and in beanie boxes, sure the water quality is not ideal, so I have to stay on top of that... but if that's the case with your setup, I dont see an issue.

I think sometimes we wig-out because the setups aren't good enough FOR US, but when they're quite adequate for the animals, it's fine...

And as you mention - it's a temporary set up.

I bought a great hammerlock shelving unit from office works that holds something like 350kg per shelf, and has been a great investment at about $90 ...looks like it would sit happily in your space, and you can stack tanks vertically.

Perhaps the most economical system would be ONE large tank with dividers, then you don't have to be so nuts about water changes, and they're easier to keep warm with ONE heater.


It's all good, the RSPCA aren't going to get called.


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