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*Ehmm* new female tank.


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System Type:

Female Betta community planted scape.

Display Tank:


Display Lighting:

6x3W 6700K LED's DIY fixture


Eheim Jager 200W

Evaporation Top Up:

RO Water Manual


Ailie, Lexi, Cinder, Rayne and Bronxie **

Dragon Veil Tail (father) X Super Black Half Moon (mother)

*Scarlett is out in QT*

Bristle nose cat fish x 2 (??)

* B1 went missing most likely hid in the wood when transferred.*

SIDE NOTE: Caela went missing i havent seen her in about 4 days and when we pulled the tank down to set the new one up all fish were caught and she was not in the tank, shes either died and bodys broken down quickly or jumped out and been found by the cat >.< but there was no ammonia spike the other day when i checked the levels. im heart broken.

Plant List:

Amazon Sword

Anubias Nana 'petite'

Cryptocoryne Becketti

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown

Cryptocoryne Wendtii 'petchi'

Narrow leaf Java fern

Philippine Java Fern

Flame Moss

*waiting on Photobucket to upload my pics*

NOTE: This is not under LED lighting still need to put it in.

gravel only:


half full of water


*clears throat* Site Supervisor.....


A few of the Ladies checking out their new digs:


Best of both worlds, according to the bf....My fresh water planted and his salty almost side by side


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yeh its clear ow but theres root fertilizer under the gravel, more pics after the LEDs are on nanna Jo i was told not to post pics n the forum that hes on till the LEDs are yup but he didnt say not to post on this forum >.< lol sneaky.

its running two small filters atm and a C02 system till i can afford (between vet bills) a new filter lol

PS: this is NOT its landscaping, it will be rescaped friday and weekend when we get the drift wood and such plus the LED lights lol

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lol thanks Matt, credit has to go to the bf for the aquascaping though lol yeh Crush *edit above i keep calling him crash >.<* he was swimming around with a metallic green spot between his top and bottom orange parts lol

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