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Happy Snaps


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Ok heres a few pics I took the other day:

Cedric and Fredric are from adams spawn, they have changed somewhat since they joined the crew here, Fredric tends to tail bite if Cedric is out of sight too long, and Benny bay hoped before i got the egg crate to cover the bays, after the attack on Cedric's colour changed dramatically, I am not sure if its due to the marble running through the lines or just the stress of the attack, but anyway here are the pics

**And ced has taken a bit out of his tail recently**

(Ced looks purple blue green and bronze depending on the light angle)





Notice the little dimples in his scales? i think all the spawn kids have this.

Fredric seems to keep nipping at his tail but goes mad and stresses if i take Cedric out of his nextdoor bay:


Notice the dimples again?

urgh i can only post X number of pics, how do i get around this?

another of Fredric

Marshall the new guy:


Close Up Of Marshalls Tail

^.^ i fiddled with the levels and got this :

colour Marsh.

Sponge Bob Fish Pants

The yellow VT

full shot

Close up full shot

back end

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Are the 'dimples' you're talking about the spots . . . . . . . . that kind of run from top of the gill to the caudal fin?

Have a second look at any of the close-up shots.. they're visible on some of the colours in betta - but present in all fish... i have no idea what they are tho!

See it on several types of fish too.

They're lovely fish.. shame about the biting - just about all of my older males do it!!

x Ness

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I think it's called the lateral line. Is like an ear for the fish. It allows them to detect and localize movement and vibrations in the water/their environment. You notice it most in dragon scaled betta because of the thicker irid layer making it more obvious.

Ps you can only put 5pics at a time. You can post 5pics again immediately if you get another member reply to your post, or you have to wait 10mins before you can post again. It's done to prevent SPAMers

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