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Hi there


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Hi there..

Danny is my name and I am from Cairns...

I just became a 1st time breeder, quite by accident.

My eggs just hatched today, so I have a busy Dad with his fry....

I have a couple of problems, due to the fact I was not quite ready to become a breeder.

the tank that the Dad and fry are in was due for a big clean out this weekend, but horny fish bet me to that idea.

So now the is algae growing on the side of the tank, (I feel like I am a bad person), the colour is and browny/green.

Is this harmful to the fry, and if so, how soon can I move them to a new clean tank.

The other problem is that I have nothing to feed the fry, no green water, nothing! What is the best thing to do?

I have the breeding tank, which is 36cm long by 18cm width by 21 cm high with a water level of 17cm), is this to much water for next time?

So about the 20 questions, but I am a excited 1st timer.


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Welcome Danny.

I'm guessing that you have a pair of fighters that have spawned and now fry have hatched.... seeing as you're posing the question to entire forum of betta nuts?!

First, the chances of a successful spawn are smallest if you are not prepared - sorry.

Live foods are considered essential for good success rates. Alternative foods are not ideal and options are limited. Some people recommend mushed up egg yolk as a starter food, but this fouls the water quickly if overused, and the fry aren't particularly inclined to eat non-moving targets. Your water quality may already be an issue, so limiting thing that will make it worse are important.

There may be enough infusoria in the tank water to sustain a small number of fry for a few days if you have a planted tank. The best is to source some baby brine shrimp. Some fish shops will sell freshly hatched BBS ready to go. Not the cheapest option, but the most likely way to keep your fry going if you have no other live food ready to go.

Re: water quality, you can consider slowly draining out half the water out then replace SLOWLY if the parameters are not good. You don't want sudden fluctuations in anything (temp, pH, water movement etc etc). to siphon slowly and safely - use air line with a air stone attached - this will be very slow but no fry will get sucked into the tubing coz the stone acts a "filter"/barrier for the fry getting sucked into the tubing.

You have a couple days to source live food (up to about 4days). The fry will use the yolk sac in the first few days of life.

Welcome to the forum. Hope to hear more about your fish and see pics in a successful spawn log.

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Thanx Paul for your help.

Well today is day 4 since the fry has hatched.

They have been swimming horizontally now for two days.

One of the fish shop here in Cairns has told me about egg yolk.

And I have been removing as much waste from the bottom of the tank, only removing about 750mls or less.

I do have some water and lettuce under a UV light, as it has been cloudy and wet days up here, I was told to grate some cucumber into the water as well, it has been 5 days, when do I start giving the water to them, how will I know there is mircoworms in it?

The fry seem to be healthy.

When I said I was not prepared for the spawning, the tank was due for a clean out.

I have some pics of the tank, don't know how to upload them to here.

Just did a quick count, there is about 50 to 65 fry.

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Sounds like you're stating an infusoria/"green water" culture. The microbes that you are trying to produce might be visible in the water if you look very closely and shine a torch through the jar. You might see tiny specs buzzing around in all directions (and not because you've bumped the jar). If you have these little critters, you could possibly use it now for the fry first feed. You will need to source a more substantial food source if you're intent on raising these fry. Read through the "Spawn talk" section, and in the "general discussion" section as excellent resources (especially the pinned articles).

You won't get microworms from the green water. You need a starter culture first, then you have to raise and then harvest the worms.

The little guys will be hungry now. They can be fed from when they are free swimmimg/horizontal. The will have used up their egg yolk reserves after these first two days free swimming.

Spend some moments reading those resources, you'll get a lot out of them, and they really will help you raise a spawn successfully.

Good luck.

PS> photo's need to uploaded to another/host site like photobucket or flicker and then pics linked to the thread.

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Hey CeeJai,

I'd be trotting down to the LFS pretty damn quick and looking into hatching Baby Brine Shrimp - all the green water and microworms in the world will only have your fry satisfied for a week at most.

It's about the forward thinking of these little dudes - I'd be avoiding the egg yolk option if it can be helped.

All the best with them... but I have to say it's probably wise to be pessimistic about their fate - it takes quite some time to get your own BBS hatching technique down, and you really do need a Microworm or Vinegar eel culture for the first little while.

Personally - unless the tank is putrid, I would leave them in there and (as Paul has said) and start to siphon out the muck from the bottom - try using an airline hose attached to a chopstick/knititng needle so it's not so strong.



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Hey Danny,

Just to answer the question you posed on my profile - you need to set up a photobucket account (free) it's pretty straight forward.

Then when you upload a shot or two, save and continue to your album - you'll notice when you hover over each pic - it gives you the Direct Link

You want to click on that

Then come here- type in your message and look for the Insert Image box - it's a little green square to the right of the smiley/emoticon icon / link icon

click on it and paste the direct link you got from photobucket.

Too easy!

Otherwise search the fishy showroom threads for info on how to use photobucket!

Good luck!


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