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My Planted IQ3


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Hey all long time no see,

I havnt been on here much lately since i stopped breeding and keeping bettas and have been more into the planted tank side of things but i got a pair of HM's off someone and set-up a nano tank for him


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thanks you two,

I just cant seem to say away from betta's

I got this tank to kerp the female in there but my 2footer is empty at the moment cause im doing a dry start method with HC so the male calls it home for the time being

And he gets a workout in there too cause every now and then he finds the otto and cases it for a second or too so hes still lazy

As fo the plants a scape Brazzi thanks i only used what i had and just seeing what plants can grow under the led light but so far the carpet plant is doing well

i want to add a few different plants but need another light and co2 and my main planted tank is taking up my fishtank funds lol

ill post a update when the carpet plant fills in

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