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New from Cairns


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Hi I'm Jennifer from Cairns. I have started breeding goldfish accidently, but now I'm right into it. We have a pond and put 5 goldfish into it, 3 orange and 3 multi-coloureds (forgotten what they are called). In the last 2 years or so they have grown quite big, and are now having babies. About 6 months ago they had babies, and about 7 or so survived. Now there is about 30 tiny babies in there, I think ranging from 1 week to 4 weeks old.

I have a few questions which I will post soon. Basically I would like to know when I should take some of them out of the pond (it might get a bit overcrowded soon). If I take a few of the larger ones out now (about 2cm long), would they mature or just stay tiny if I put them in a small tank? I know if goldfish are kept in tanks they stay small, but will babies grow to a certain size?

Another thing I'm curious about, if I were to purchase a pair of fancy fantail goldfish, will they interbreed with the other normal commets already in the pond, or would they just breed with each other?

Please excuse my ignorance, but I am very new to this.


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Welcome to AusAqua Jennifer! Hope you're not washed away with rain up there!

Re the goldfish - my lot have gone from about 8 up to 19 in my pond but compete for space and food with about 40 rosy barbs and at least 12 bristlenose catfish that I've seen in there. Pond is only about 1000 litres but I have a bucket filter on it and the water stays crystal clear with no probs at all for the fish.... I've caught rosy barbs from the pond by hiding a net in there and then putting food above it but the majority escape into the elodea... the rosy barbs tend to keep the goldfish population down and the goldfish I think keep the rosy barb population under control....

If you put a few of the babies in a tank they would get better access to food and probably pampered a lot more so I would think they would grow quite nicely in a tank environment rather than competing for food with larger fish.

I have comets and fan tails in the pond and I know I have some young with fantails so I'm assuming - yes they will interbreed as I only had one fantail to start...

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Welcome aboard Jennifer,

I know if goldfish are kept in tanks they stay small, but will babies grow to a certain size?

This is an often discussed topic. At the moment, my understanding is that fish growth will not be as stunted as much as people think it will. Growth may be slowed some in an aquarium, but fish will still reach close to full potential.

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