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Just found this forum and thrilled to find one for Aussie betta keepers.

My name is Sarah and I have been keeping halfmoons for the past two years or so, as well as breeding electric blue jack dempseys, betta mahachai and keeping discus.

I recently received a pair of blue marble hms for xmas and am wanting to get back into larger scale keeping and breeding. After xmas I will be building a drip system

and getting back into breeding. I have kept mustard gas, black orchid, salamander butterfly and blue butterflies in the past, with my favourite colours being

black orchid and cellophane.

Glad to find the forum and looking forward to reading about other Australian betta keepers.

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Thanks Briz, you never mentioned it! Least I've found it now. I was searching for threads on betta barracks and I found this website.

Ok fishbites, it seems like this forum is pic hungry! Don't worry I love looking at pics and showing pics. I'm no expert but I do get a nice one every now and then. Here are some random pics of my fish.

My new blue marble male. Love his dragon scales.


My EBJD breeding male and female.


My discus growout and future biotope 3x3'


My male mahachai (part of a pair).


The first betta I ever bred. A bit of a mutt in terms of colour but such a cute little guy. Still have him.


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