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Hello form Toowoomba


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hi! i live in toowoomba. i currently only have a small 35L hexagon tank setup. in it i have 1 blue/red crown male betta and 1 hoplo catfish, a samll piece of driftwood and some ambulia. i am trying to convince my brother to let me have his 3 foot tank that he used to keep his lizards in. no such luck yet, but it will happen soon im sure. in the mean time i am trying to decide what other fish i want in my tank. i was thinking a few cardinal or glowlight tetras. i only want something samll but with a bit of brightness about them.

i am planning to try breeding bettas soon. im still trying to convince myself that it isnt impossible and even i can do it. but i hate the idea that i could kill so many teeny tiny fish before they have a chance. they only successful fish breeding i have ever done was a few guppies and some goldfish in the pond (but those goldfish were some of the best coloured goldfish i have ever seen). if i can breed bettas successfully the plan is to buy some really nice ones off aquabid :D

hope to talk to you all soon!

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Welcome to the forum magodes. I haven't had good experiences keeping tetras with bettas. They tend to bite betta fins. Maybe your crowntail might fare better than my halfmoons. If you try it and it doesn't work out you can always get another tank and separate the fish. I don't keep any community tanks any more but if I were to start a community tank which needed to include a betta along with a shoaling fish then I think I'd avoid the tetras and go for something from the rasbora family.

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Most tanks used to keep reptiles in are not suitable to use as a fish tank. Reptile tanks are not made with the same thickness of glass or sealed like aquarium tanks. There are many stories of glass breaking under presure, or the seals letting go on reptile tanks filled with water. Either way, you end up cleaning up a lot of brocken glass and water off the floor.

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